Saturday, March 1, 2014

Preppy DIYs: Part 2!

So I know I haven't posted lately and I'm ashamed of myself! But I have noticed my most popular blog post EVER was my Preppy DIYs, so I decided to do a second edition! Anyways, I won't waste your time, let's get right into it!

1. Decorated Phone Charger: These are great to keep chargers separate, since they all seem to look the same nowadays! 
For this all you need to do is acquire some cute washi tape (sold almost everywhere) and add it to your charger! TA-DA! You're finished! 

2. Glitter State Canvas: I personally have one of these and it's gorgeous! Great for room decorating and state pride!
These can honestly be done so many different ways! It really depends on your personal preference, but the easiest in my experience would be to purchase glitter paper from your local craft store as well as a bottle of paint in your desired background color (brushes too if you don't already own those!) and a canvas. Print out a stencil of your state and cut it out, giving you the shape you can cut the glitter paper from! Paint your canvas any way you wish and once it has dried, hot glue your glittery state in the middle! You can then add another personal touch such as gluing a small heart on your hometown or anything else you wish! Viola! You're finished! 

3. Lilly Pulitzer Mirror: These full length mirrors are a must-have in any girl's bedroom, and Lilly makes them even greater!
Simply mod-podge old Lilly Pulitzer agenda pages onto a cheap full length mirror or print out Lilly prints if you don't have an old agenda!

4. Bedazzled Water Bottle: This will add an adorable sparkle to your work out routine, or even your everyday routine!

You can do this with a large bag of rhinestones, any water bottle and a hot glue gun! Simply glue on your rhinestones and let dry completely, and you have a water bottle everyone will envy!

5. Riding Boot Socks: Riding boots are all the rage this year, and it's a popular trend to wear riding boot socks the just peek above the boot.
However, it can be a hassle to wear chunky socks under riding boots, so you can cut an old sweater sleeve and put it on your leg just so it peeks above the boot to get the look without all the extra material in the way!

6. Lilly Pulitzer Picture Frame: Pictures are worth a thousand words, put it in a Lilly frame and they're worth a million! 
This is just a cheap frame from your local craft store, a mod-podged Lilly print printed off of the internet, and some ribbon trim! Add an adorable touch with a bow and you're set! 

This has been the second installment of my most popular post: Preppy DIYs! I hope y'all enjoyed, let me know in the comments below if you would be interested in a third edition in this series, and if you're enjoying these! See you next time!


Saturday, October 26, 2013

ThredUP Haul!

Hello lovely readers! 

So sorry I haven't blogged lately, but I'm back and today I want to talk to y'all about my new favorite website!

It's called ThredUp and it's positively magical. ThredUP sells flawless used clothing (definitely NOT the gross kind of used clothing, it's the kind of clothing people get and wear once or twice, and only designer brands! SCORE!) 

So far I've ordered 4 things from ThredUP:

1. Pink J. Crew Chinos ($8.49!)
I've received these in the mail already and they're absolutely to die for! They look like they've never been worn!

2. Blue Nike Four Pleated Tennis Skirt ($11.49!)

I play tennis and let me tell you, the outfits are outrageously expensive! Nice tennis skirts average about $60, especially Nike. So when I found out ThredUP carried Nike, I was overjoyed and ordered this skirt immediately. When I received it I was surprised at the lack of signs of wear, I'm pretty sure it was worn maybe once at the most and it fits me perfectly! 

3. White pleated Nike Skirt ($6.99!)

I can't seem to find a photo of this one, I'll add one once I receive it!

Okay so after I got my other skirt in the mail, I had somewhat of a frenzy of excitement and I just had to order another one! I'm anxious to see how this one looks because it's marked with a tiny flaw. Some items on the website have very small flaws, hardly noticeable or ThredUP wouldn't accept the item. It's a white skirt though so possible small stains can be expected. I'll keep y'all updated on the status once I receive it! You can't beat that price though!

4. Polo sweater ($14.49!)

In the spirit of the coming months, I figured I needed a new sweater, and again the prices are unbeatable!

So there you are, one of my new favorite shopping sites! I highly recommend you check it out!

Until next time!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Preppy DIY's!

Hey y'all! So today I'll be doing a mashup post of a ton of preppy crafts and DIYs you can do that are also wallet friendly!

1. Binder Covers! 
Everyone knows that monograms and prints are really in style right now so why not incorporate all the things you love into your school work?
Here are a few tutorials and templates I found, let me know your favorites! 
These are the exact ones featured in my last post!

This post is actually a super easy tutorial!

2. Lilly Pulitzer inspired coasters!
These are super cute and so easy to make! You can use a printed out copy of a print or old agenda pages to create the prints! The glitter is obviously optional, this one is super simple, just mod podge your print onto a small wooden board and you have Lilly coasters!

3. Monogrammed Phone Charger
This one is also a simple tutorial and a sure fire way to make sure no one steals your charger ever again!
I still need to make one for myself!

4. Emi Jay hair ties!
 I love these for just throwing your hair up during the day or a cute accessory on your wrist!
I just ordered a ton of elastics from this website and I can't wait for them to come in so I can make these! It's way cheaper than buying them made already, which is such a rip off! At the price of regular elastics here you can make 3 hair bands for $0.35!

5. Lilly Pulitzer Inspired calculator!
If you want to make your school work more enjoyable and adorable, you can Lilly-fy anything!
I've seen a ton of versions of this craft and you can just paint your favorite print on your calculator case with acrylic paints! You could also mod podge old agenda pages or simply prints that you've printed out if you aren't into painting!

6. Glitter mason jars!
These could be really cute for pens/pencils in a dorm or just for decoration! 
Paint your desired color, let dry, and put glitter on with mod podge. Seal in the glitter with another coat of mod podge when you're done! Make sure you use painters tape for when you put on the glitter for a straight edge!

These are all the DIYs I'm posting about today but the possiblities are endless! Pinterest is a great place to go look when you're searching for crafty ideas!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back to School Necessities!

Today I'll be making a Back to School post of all the things you're going to need and suggestions on where to get them!

1. A backpack/bag: This is a really important thing to have, and it's crucial you get one that works for you! You'll need one with plenty of space for your books and is comfortable to carry around all day. Here are some great ones that I recommend:

I think they're so stylish and they hold a lot! The material is easy to clean if it gets dirty because it's nylon. The only downside is that it could hurt your shoulder if your bag is heavy! And I'm personally a fan of the navy colored one because it's so cute and matches everything!

I think this one is really nice and practical, it could also be really cute monogrammed! It has quite a bit of room and is great quality, it's made for hiking and the outdoors so it withstands a lot and is very durable! It should last a couple of years of school. My favorite is the classic black color but they have other cute colors as well!


Jansport backpacks are really good because they're known to last a really long time and they're not very expensive! They come in many bright colors as well! 

There's lots of other backpacks out there but, moving right along to the next thing you'll need...

2. A planner/something to keep you organized!: Being organized is the key to success in school so you have to stay on top of it! Some agendas I recommend are:


I have this agenda and I LOVE it! It's so gorgeous and makes me excited to get organized! I think it's very worth the price and seems quite well made. I've seen complaints about people getting their agendas all ripped up or shipped with stains on them but, I had no problems! I highly recommend them!

This agenda is also cute and very functional! There's even a large chunk of adorable stickers included to use. This one is cheaper than Lilly and still adorable! Great for students!

There are also many other agendas out there but, moving on to my next topic...
3. Basic School Supplies! (Of Course!): It's really important to get all the things you'll need to get your work done in a timely manner!

Here is a general list of some things you'll need:
-Pencils: I like mechanical ones but I also keep some regular ones for when people ask to borrow them because they hardly ever give them back. 
These are my favorites!

I love the basics just to have on hand as well!

-Pens: I recommend getting some nice ones you really like because you'll be using them a lot!
These are my personal favorite! Paper Mate Profile Retractable Ballpoint Pens!

-Highlighters: I love them for EVERYTHING! I use mine all the time and I have them in every color! 
I like the Sharpie ones! I also prefer the thick ones so you can fully highlight words without going over it twice.

-Paper: You'll need paper pretty much everyday and you don't want to be the friend that always asks to borrow stuff and comes unprepared! I don't have a preferred brand, I just like the college ruled the best! 

-Calculator: You'll really need the right calculator for your course in order to do your homework and do your classwork!
I love this pink graphing calculator! This is the kind I need, I'm not sure what kind y'all will need for your courses.

-Binders/Dividers: Important to keep organized for every class! You can even make adorable binder covers to keep your classes separate!
I love these monogrammed ones with Lilly Pulitzer prints for backgrounds! You can also write your course name to keep them separate!

That's it for the essentials but there might be some specifics you'll need for a certain course! I honestly recommend getting the most expensive school supplies rather than the cheap ones because they'll last longer! Obviously use your best judgement and get whatever you want/can afford but I just recommend the higher quality stuff!

Thanks for reading! I hope y'all can use some of my tips! Check back soon for a back to school clothing post! Follow/Subscribe to get updates when I post!


Monday, August 12, 2013

Favorite Apps!

Hey guys! So today I just wanted to share with you some of my favorite apps on my phone! 

1. Instagram (free)
I'm a huge fan of instagram (as many of you know, my account is @livingthepreplife) It's so fun to meet new people and share your daily life. I also love it for my personal use, just to keep tabs on old friends and see what they're up to!
2. Vine (free)
I love vine because it's great when you want to have a good laugh! The videos are short, sweet, and to the point. 
3. Snapchat (free)
I love snapchat as an easy way to talk to my friends without necessarily typing much. You can make ugly faces with your friends and they disappear! I also love how you can have a conversation without all the extra photos in your camera roll. It doesn't save them unless you want it to. You can also send short videos which I love as well! 
4. A Beautiful Mess ($1.99)
I love all the fonts and options you get with this app! You can write on pictures, edit them, etc. I love it!
5. Squaready (free)
I find this app really helpful so I don't have to crop any of my pictures! Have you ever had a super cute picture and it doesn't fit completely on instagram? This app is for you! You can edit your picture so the whole thing fits, which I adore! 
6. Picfx ($1.99)
I LOVE the effects this app offers! If you've ever seen the pictures with the circle or heart lights in them, this is where it's from! There's also a ton of other great filters and such.

These are the only ones I'm spotlighting today but some others that deserve mentioning are:

-Candy Crush Saga (SO addicting!)

-Kik (Super fast messenger! Great for talking to people you don't know very well or doing group messages)

-Netflix (I definitely LIVE on netflix! It's a great thing to have when you're bored and you have a pair of headphones!)

-Pandora (I love music and pandora is really helpful in finding new music you might like that you've never heard before!)

-Etsy (I love online shopping so it's nice to find new etsy shops!)

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Sorry if any of these are unavailable for androids! I have an iPhone and I didn't check which ones were available for both!


Sunday, August 11, 2013

July Favorites!

Hey guys! So today I'm going to talk to you about some of my favorite things that I've really been using lately and throughout the whole summer and tell y'all my honest opinion about some popular products!

1. My first favorite is this year's large Lilly Pulitzer agenda in Let's Cha Cha!

I think it's a really great size for school, the jumbo is just too big for me and the pocket agenda is way too small! It's also such an adorable print, and actually makes me want to go to school and be more organized! It has a month view at the beginning of the agenda, another month view in front of the month, and a weekly view with lots of room to write stuff! I'm absolutely in love and I didn't have any quality issues like some other people. Lilly even gave me free shipping and a GWP fiesta pink pansy ring for a purchase over $25! The code I used was 'LILLYLOVE' so maybe y'all can try it and see if it still works!

2. My second favorite for July is...MONOGRAMS!
I actually got a ton of monogrammed stuff this summer! I think they're so cute and personal, I've never met someone with the same monogram as me! A full list, including stuff I haven't received yet and where I got it all is:

I really recommend this to anyone who drops their phone all the time! I don't even have a single scratch on my phone because of mine, it's super cute because it's personalized in a special way!

It really helps me drink water when I have it there already and it's super cute to take to school as well! She was also a delight in getting it to me!

I drink a lot of soda (I know, SO BAD for me!) and I use my koozie to keep it cold and to keep my hands from freezing!

This shirt is SO cute and also got to me very quickly! I've gotten a lot of compliments on it and it's a gorgeous color! (Comfort Colors - Lagoon)

Haven't gotten this yet but I can't wait to have it while I'm playing tennis and when I go to the beach!

This canvas is adorable and looks so great in my room! Kristen is such a fabulous artist!

-Shirt/Camelbaks/Decals/Croakies (
Haven't gotten any of it yet but hopefully I will soon! I check the mailbox every day religiously!

Haven't gotten it yet but I can't wait!

I think that's it for my monograms!

3. My third favorite for July is my crease-less hairties!

I love them to throw up my hair when it's in my face because I can let it down later and not worry about it being ruined or creased! They also look really cute just on your wrist when you don't have them in your hair!

4. My fourth favorite is my new POPPY CLIPS

I got the ones as shown above and they are so adorable! They're a perfect pop to any outfit, and they're really good for rolling up your sleeves, cuffing your jeans, or just adding a cute accessory! The possibilities are endless. 

5. My final July favorite for today (and I know this might sound weird, but...) my debit card!

I just got a debit card and it's been so great being able to buy things online on my own, save money in my personal account, and have the freedom of not having to have cash all the time! I don't know about you guys but I feel like I never have cash when I need it or I have to have my mom stop at the ATM all the time, but not any more! She can just transfer money in my account if I'm out and about with friends and I need it, or my lunch money for the week! At my school we get to go off campus for lunch so it's really going to be helpful for this upcoming school year and gives me more freedom and a place to safely keep my money!

So these were my favorites for July, I hope y'all enjoyed! I'm hoping to do this every month if I can! 

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